F' All This Noise Podcast

The F' All This Noise podcast, established 2011, has been a long sought venture. It is the combined result of both parties involved being just egocentric and damaged enough to believe that they are so interesting, no private conversation could ever contain the brilliance and majesty of their words. The obvious action then was to create the podcast, and let the world hear what true delusion sounds like.

Gary and T are longtime friends with vastly differing opinions on most subjects, with Gary's approach being general emotional cringing, and T's being closer to that of a Vietcong General. Together they attempt to make points and arguments about literally anything, with subjects as banal as the validity of dog grooming to the possible dangers of wanton polygamy.

The podcast has been hailed as, “Kind of good.” by some guy Gary knows, and “Total shit.” by T himself. The duo returns semi-weekly, to capture the very essence of obsessive pseudo-intellectual grandstanding over pointless minutia.


A sad clown at heart, holding on to his last vestige of humanity through lies and deception; Gary is a rather complicated individual, if you find confusion and misery complicated. Through years of pre-programmed Italian guilt and manipulation he's managed to not only hate the general behavior of others, but also the general behavior of himself.*

*Idiot number 1

Like the Colossus of Rhodes, T is an accomplishment of man made origin with no practical function. He has all the charm of an android with drills for eyes, and he's only half as caring. Infused with eons of Viking rage, he is a psychological plunderer hell-bent on upgrading humanity to his standard. This normally results in a very grumpy T.*

*Idiot number 2

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